Increase site sales and improve returns

Increasing site sales and visits is one of the most important issues for webmasters Store site It depends on many factors, as you know the website of your online showcase and one of your sellers, and just as the ethics, behavior, words and other abilities of a seller affect the profit and loss of a company, the same factors. In websites, it reduces or increases the profit and loss of websites, which should be taken into consideration.

Some of the factors influencing the increase in sales and website traffic are described below in general to them UX "User Experience" We say, in the sense that what colors, images and sentences the user or customer encounters from the moment they enter the website and what they experience …




Creating a sense of trust

Since the customer does not communicate directly with you in online sales, the elements of your website should create a sense of trust and confidence for him. One of these elements is the symbol of electronic trust that identifies you and your business. You can also show your support and commitment to users by using the online chat system.



Increase site speed

Website speed has a great impact on users' convenience and Get ranked in Google Has already been about Improve site speed We have presented articles in the education section and we suggest that you do not miss them. The speed of the website has a special effect on user satisfaction and increasing online sales due to the undesirable speed of our country's internet.

Display in different browsers

Proper display of the website in different browsers is very important and you should make sure that all customers and users of your store website see it as it is, for this purpose check common browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera browser and Mozilla Firefox And ask your webmaster to deliver the website to you without any flaws in these browsers.

Other browsers usually use the same system of popular browsers or their users are very few.

Build trust and security

Exchange and any purchase and sale is based on mutual trust, and since your customers and in some cases do not see the product, you must take every action to gain their trust, creating a sense of trust and security. Will increase site sales…

To increase this trust, users can obtain the necessary permissions such as Electronic trust symbol And register your store in the organizing headquarters and display the logos related to these organizations to gain the trust of your customers.

Responding to user feedback, content marketing and other support services will undoubtedly build customer trust.

Site efficiency

As a webmaster, you know and understand all aspects of your online store, ask someone who has never seen your website before to sign up, and pursue a goal on the web. Slow down and test the performance of the website. You can also find out the strengths and weaknesses of your work by adding a survey section about the site and a detailed review of Google Analytics statistics.